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ISO14001 Consultancy

ISO14001 is a management systems standard for managing environmental aspects and impacts within a business. It is the world's most widely applied environmental standard and has been adopted by over 190,000 enterprises in over 150 different countries. (ref International Standards Organisation survey 2008)

The standard is applicable to any business enterprise regardless of size or type. Organisations that commit to the standard aim to reduce their impact on the environment by adopting sound and sustainable processes and by reducing waste and pollution.

ISO 14001 is similar in layout and structure to Quality Management Standard ISO9001 and Health & Safety Standard OHSAS18001. This enables the development of an integrated management system which is designed to meet more than one standard. (Both ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 require the use of risk evaluation and risk management).

ISO14001 certification is carried out by independently accredited assessment bodies. These are listed in the UK on the UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Services) web site Other countries have their own accreditation organisation for approval of certification bodies for ISO14001, ISO9001 and other related standards.

ISO 14000 is a generic number for a suite of documents that make up the total environmental standards and guidance documents:

  • ISO14001 - Environmental Management System - Requirements for guidance and use (is the standard against which enterprises are certified)
  • ISO14004- Environmental Management System - General guidelines on principles, systems and support techniques.
  • ISO14031 - Environmental Performance Evaluation - Guidelines (gives guidance on choice and use of environmental performance indicators and measures)
  • ISO14040 to ISO14049 - Life Cycle Assessment - (gives guidance on environmental considerations applied throughout the product life-cycle)

Business Partners provide hands-on assistance, training and guidance to companies wishing to implement an environmental management system to ISO 14001 or to integrate the ISO 14001 requirements within an existing management system for ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 (or meeting similar standards).